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Rule's of the Wikia.

Never disobey somebody that is a chat moderator, Administrator, or an Owner. Cursing is allowed, if it's sexually, you will be kicked from the chat. He-Man will not allow you guys to dis-obey combat.

Creating a Page RulesEdit

You're allowed to create a page about your-self, abusing this process will be blocked.

You are not allowed to edit page's unless they have no writing, biography, or picture's.

Find pages that are stub's and edit them, don't be wasting time looking for a random page.

If you want help from an Administrator, please go to He-Man's Help-Page

Looking for the Right PageEdit

Most people are looking for the right page to edit, you can just find one and edit it but it has to have no text or stuff. Page missing? Why, sure you can create a page but it has to have no cursing in it at-least. If you want to curse go here: Cursing Page If you'd love to curse and can't help it. Sexual Allowed

Updating Page, this page will be lockedEdit