John Lee Erwin (born September 12, 1948) is a voice actor known for voicing Morris the Cat and He-Man.


Erwin was the voice of He-Man in the Filmation production He-Man and the Masters of the Universe that ran from 1983 to 1985. Due to the extreme cost-cutting by Filmation, the cast of voice actors was small, and producer Lou Scheimer actually performed the bulk of the character voices. Erwin was also the voice of the henchman-character Beast-Man and would on occasion do the voices of other supporting characters as well, such as Webstor and Ram-Man.

Although generally recognised for his work on He-Man, Erwin has many years of voice acting to his credit (including, but not limited to, the voice of Reggie Mantle in Filmation's The Archie Show), and has provided voice work for many productions ranging from television advertisements to live action movies since the 1960s.