Denebria is a planet in The New Adventures of He-Man. It is the homeworld of the Evil Mutants led by Flogg, though the headquarters of Flogg's army are in the Denebrian moon Nordor.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Fog Zone: A foggy polar region of Denebria where Optikk comes from.
  • Freon
  • Gorn: The desert where Lizorr lives.
    • Gorn City: a city similar to a western town (though with some technological touches, like neon lights at night) in the Gorn desert. Gorn City is one of the main settings for most of the action that happens at Denebria in the animated series.
  • Quagmi: The swamp where Slush Head comes from. Most mutants find the place disgusting, except for Slush Head himself.
  • Regula Mountains: Hoove lives amongst the ruined mines that can be found here.